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How to Reset Brother Ink Cartridges? Get Step by Step Guidance from Expert

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How to Reset Brother Ink Cartridges? Get Step by Step Guidance from Expert

Brother Printers is one of the most renowned printers in today’s world. But there are some issues, such as low level of ink that interrupt you from printing further. To solve this problem, you need to Reset Brother Ink Cartridges but you are unable to do so as you do not have enough knowledge about it. Don’t take tension; just call Brother Printer Repair Centre USA +1-805-438-2911 to get instant printing solutions from our certified experts who are available 24 X 7 in order to help you in a reliable manner.

Although, Brother Printer is one of the top printer brands which is known for providing high-quality printing solution and advanced features. Here, you are going to tell you some of the easy methods to reset the ink cartridge that will help you to fix the problem in an easy way.

Simple Methods to Reset Brother Ink Cartridges

Method 1

  • Firstly, restart your Brother printer.
  • Now, lift the printer cover carefully.
  • After that, press the Cancel button and Print buttons simultaneously.
  •  Press the +button. A list of options appears on the screen where you need to select the ink cartridge that you want to reset.
  • After that, Press the option Enter to complete the process of reset.

Method 2

  • Firstly, turn off the Brother printer and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now, open the printer carefully to remove the toner or ink cartridge. 
  • On the side of the cartridge, you will notice a sensor light that aims to detect the levels of ink or toner.
  • Cover the sensor with a piece of opaque tape so that the light will not blink anymore. This will help to misalign with the signal delivery of low ink.

Method 3

In case, your cartridge does not have a sensor light, then you can replace the same cartridge for about 2-3 times in one attempt as it will help to make the printer think that a new ink cartridge has been inserted.

We hope that the above-given methods will help you to reset the Brother Ink Cartridge in an easy way, however, if you are still facing problem in following the process or have any confusion related to your Brother Printer, then contact Brother Printer Repair Near Me where you will get reliable support from our highly skilled and trained experts who are always ready to solve your problem through an effective range of solutions. You only need to call at our given helpline number or reach us through Live Chat Support and our team will suggest you easy to follow methods.

When you can call or message us then you will be assigned you a talented expert you will first listen to your query, investigate all aspects of the problem and then provide you a customized bunch of solutions. In case, we are unable to respond to your call or message, then leave your issue with the Phone number in the chat support section. Our experts will try to reach as soon as possible in order to provide you efficient support.

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