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How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code TS-02?

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Each user expects a perfect performance while using the printer device and that’s what Brother printer knew for providing an excellent printing quality. But sometimes, while using the printer, the user faces different errors. The Error TS-02 is one of the common errors that occurred when the WLAN access point is unable to be verified with the MAC address of the Brother Printer. No need to worry, just contact our Brother Printer Repair Service Near Me where you will get reliable help from our highly experienced and skilled experts who is well aware of suck kind of issue and know how to solve them completely.

Reasons for Brother Printer Error Code TS-02

There are various reasons due to which other Printer Error Code TS-02 occurred but some of the most possible reasons are as follows-

  • When the window file system gets damaged.
  • When improper driver or hardware found.
  • In case, the system files entries are corrupted.
  • Due to incomplete installation or uninstallation of the printer.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error Code TS-02

These are some of the most effective ways to get rid of error code TS-02. Follow the steps that are given below-

  • Firstly, check if the WLAN access point/router is powered or not.
  • After that, connect the Internet connection with an inbuilt wireless LAN in order to verify if the WLAN access point/router is working correctly.
  • Now, move your printer to a barrier-free location or place it near the WLAN access point/router in order to get better connectivity of the network.
  • Now, Run the temporary location of the Brother printer within the 1 meter from the network or WLAN access point.
  • In case, the WLAN access point/router is satisfying the MAC address COMPUTING, then ensure that the MAC address of the printer is allowed in the filter.
  • Make sure that your printer will use the radio signals in the 4 GHz range.
  • In case, the network or system is using the 5 GHz range then your brother printer will show TS-02 error on your device.
  • After that, open the brother printer control panel. You can also use the Setup Wizard.
  • You can also complete the process manually by entering the SSID and security information.
  • Once you have completed the process, you need to re-confirm the SSID and security information.
  • When all the process gets completed, restart your Brother printer.

We hope that the above-given steps will help you to fix the problem easily, however, if you are still facing the same problem then contact our Brother Printer Repair Centre USA by calling at +1-805-438-2911. We have a team of highly trained and skilled experts who is available 24 X 7 in order to help you to get rid of the problem. You only need to call at our given helpline number or reach us through Live Chat support and we are always there for you. In case, we are unable to respond to your call or message, then leave your issue with the Phone number in the chat support section. Our experts will try to reach as soon as possible in order to provide you efficient support.

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